Calculated Justice - M A Comley

Calculated Justice

By M A Comley

  • Release Date: 2015-08-12
  • Genre: Police Procedural


Let the chase begin…

A harrowing game of cat and mouse.

Families are being snatched from the streets, this case is undoubtedly one of the worst cases Lorne has ever investigated.

Lives hang in the balance when the kidnapper sets Lorne an unachievable deadline to meet.

The clues are there, however has Lorne got the stamina to find them?

Chasing the clues involves all forms of transport, and Lorne finds herself out of her comfort zone on more than one occasion.

Will the clues lead her to the kidnapped families? Or is the kidnapper toying with her?

Will Lorne be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve her goal of setting the families free?

If you enjoy fast-paced, action thrillers be sure to grab your copy today.

For fans of Joy Ellis and Faith Martin.

From NY Times bestselling author M A Comley with over two million copies sold to date.

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