Justice Series Boxed Set Books 10-12 - M A Comley

Justice Series Boxed Set Books 10-12

By M A Comley

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Police Procedural


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Rough Justice
A student's disappearance uncovers many intriguing secrets...
Two detectives suspended for dereliction of duty...

Dozens of cases need to be re-examined but one case in particular catches Lorne's eye - that of a missing university student.

With a secret life that leads to multiple suspects to question the leads soon run dry and forces Lorne to reach out to an unusual ally for answers.

What happens next blows Lorne's mind. She finds herself involved in a world unfamiliar as she searches for the truth.
Grab this unusual thriller today that is guaranteed to shock you to the core.

Dubious Justice

It's a well-known fact that walls have ears.
But what if they could speak?
People are scared and it's up to one special policewoman to put them at ease. It's going to be tough trying to do that with a temporary partner alongside her.

With the body count rising steadily, the case proves to be one of the most perplexing Lorne has ever investigated.
Secrets that have lain buried for years surface and a surprising murderer is revealed amidst truly harrowing circumstances. The investigation team find themselves immersed in shocking lies and devious actions.
Can Lorne right the blatant wrongs she uncovers?

This is a heart-wrenching thriller that will touch your soul.

Calculated Justice
Let the chase begin...
A harrowing game of cat and mouse.
Families are being snatched from the streets, this case is undoubtedly one of the worst cases Lorne has ever investigated.

Lives hang in the balance when the kidnapper sets Lorne an unachievable deadline to meet.

The clues are there, however has Lorne got the stamina to find them?

Chasing the clues involves all forms of transport, and Lorne finds herself out of her comfort zone on more than one occasion.
Will the clues lead her to the kidnapped families? Or is the kidnapper toying with her?
Will Lorne be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve her goal of setting the families free?

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For fans of Joy Ellis and Faith Martin.

From NY Times bestselling author M A Comley with over two million copies sold to date.